This is my confession to you, a story of how a girl came to realise her feelings. It started with a smile, I was walking along the street when I saw you. You smiled at me and I somehow broke out of my comfort zone and said hello. We talked and it was great, I... Continue Reading →


I woke up with a shock, it was like I didn’t expect to hear my alarm this morning. Springing out of bed as I realise the date. Today’s the day. Breakfast? Done, Shower? Done, now I’m sitting on my chair with one leg crossed over the other and a coffee cup in my hand. the... Continue Reading →

Coming in 2018

Amelia and Jamie have been seeing each other casually for as long as she can remember but there’s a problem, Jamie has a girlfriend. Amelia is constantly torn between her feelings for him and doing the right thing. That was until she met Ben. Ben is a perfect stranger who wants to woo her, he comes in... Continue Reading →

I pull my car onto the side of the road. The sun is warm on the back of my neck as I walk up the driveway. I hear a loud noise from inside the house.  I run up the front stairs and open the door. It’s unlocked. In the living room our old brown side... Continue Reading →

Crouching in the corner of the room between the door and the wall. My hands scrunched into my hair near my eyes trying to drown out his screaming. I’m crying now, tears streaming down my face as he bends down towards me and his face so close to mine I could smell his breathe. It... Continue Reading →

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