You would think that I would be nervous but I’m not. Sitting here with her, I feel like I’m home. She turns her head towards me, her smile emanating her joy. Her joyous smile is contagious; I can’t help but smile in return. I don’t for the life of me hear what she’s saying, she’s... Continue Reading →


Staring at my watch, the bus is a few minutes late. Sighing I press play on the song and stare at the ground. It’s only the third week into the trimester and I feel like I’m already failing. I’m behind in all the readings and have begun contemplating dropping out of this trimester and trying... Continue Reading →

It hasn’t truly felt like summer these past few weeks, not until today. The sky is a bright blue, not a cloud to be seen. Sitting in bed reading a book, the sun shining onto my hands and I can feel it. The heat of summer coming through the curtains. I can’t concentrate. You would... Continue Reading →

There are some things that I don’t understand like why is the sky blue and what makes the earth spin but most of all I don’t understand why it’s the nice one’s who finish last. I’ve recently found myself in a situation where I was crushing on a guy who didn’t seem to show any... Continue Reading →

A/N: This short story was submitted to a creative anthology but didn't make it passed the second round of voting. I'm excited that I get to share this with you all regardless of not making it through to the publishing stage.   Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I smile. Today's a big day... Continue Reading →

A/N: This story contains adult themes. I look at the empty space next to me as I lay in bed. The alarm clock on the night stand flashing the time at me. It’s 2am and I know that I should be asleep but sleeping doesn’t come easy these days. I’ll lay awake staring at the... Continue Reading →

“He’s here girl.” My best friend Amy nudges my arm with hers. I turn in my chair to see the guy in question. He’s walking towards me, something he always does when he comes into the office every morning. “Hey Carly.” He smiles down at me. I stand and give him a brief hug. It... Continue Reading →

Kylie runs down the beach towards the water. Her child-like excitement radiates off her in a contagious glow, “I love the beach.” She told me once, “the sun shining on my skin, the feel of the sand between my toes as the waves wash over my feet. It’s almost like paradise. I can forget my... Continue Reading →

“So you like him then? This guy that you keep texting every time we hang out.” I barely hear her; I’m distracted by a message he sent me. I bet you look stunning today I smile widely, a ball of paper hits me on my arm. I look up to see my friend, Sophie, trying... Continue Reading →

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