I’m all in

short stories

You would think that I would be nervous but I’m not. Sitting here with her, I feel like I’m home.

She turns her head towards me, her smile emanating her joy. Her joyous smile is contagious; I can’t help but smile in return. I don’t for the life of me hear what she’s saying, she’s pointing out over the ocean. The sun rising in the distance, the pink and orange hues shine a halo around the world.


Wrapping my arm around her waist, I pull her in closer. You would think after all these years that I would be used to her gravitational pull. When we’re apart, I can’t help it but I am always able to find my way back to her.


She’s my always and looking at her now, he blonde her blowing in the wind as we sit on the beach watching the sunrise I find myself reaching for her hand and kiss it softly. Her soft lips part in a shy smile and she buries her head on my shoulder. Her touch still sparks a fire in my chest.


I realise that this moment is something I want to frame for the rest of my life. I want to hear her laughing through the good times and crying through the bad. I want to be the shoulder that she comes to after a stressful day at work. I want to tell her that I love her every day.


Putting my hand into the pocket of my jacket, I pull out my wallet.


“What are you doing?” She asks pointing towards the wallet in my hand.


I smile at her confusion and shrug my shoulders. She turns her attention back to the horizon which gives me a chance to get what I wanted out of the small zipped pocket in the back.


“We’ve probably sat here in this same spot watching the sunrise a million times over the last two years we’ve been together.”


She smiles and nods in agreement.


“We’ve been through some happy, sad and even some crazy times. Yes, I’m talking about that moment your uncle with dementia came at me with a knife during our first Christmas together when he thought that I had broken into the house.” We laugh at the memory. Ever since that day, I’ve been too afraid to walk into her uncle’s house without clinging to her.


“That was a good Christmas over all though, you have to admit that.” She said as she tucked her hair behind her ears.


I nod. “Yes I remember; it was the Christmas when you asked me what we were. Do you remember what I said?” I ask.


She nods. “You said, ‘if you want then I’m all in.’”


I smile and hold up the diamond ring in front of her. “I meant it then as much as I mean it now. I’m all in Jenny, after all the days we have spent together I’m still such a fool for you, crazy in love with you and I couldn’t list all the reasons why because there is a million and one of them. Marry me?”


There was silence and with every second ticking by I could feel my heart threatening to break.


She smiles and replies, “I’m all in.”


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