Somebody like me

short stories

It hasn’t truly felt like summer these past few weeks, not until today. The sky is a bright blue, not a cloud to be seen. Sitting in bed reading a book, the sun shining onto my hands and I can feel it. The heat of summer coming through the curtains.

I can’t concentrate. You would think that a person who reads a book, you wouldn’t need to concentrate but honestly, there are moments that are distracting me. Moments that I can’t stop myself from remembering.

The moment I saw him struggle out of the hold of the woman who is supposed to love him. She didn’t think anyone was watching but I was, not in a creepy ‘I’m a stalker’ kind of way but in a ‘I was walking home’ kind of way. I stopped short and hid behind a pole. I saw my friend, a 6 foot built like a truck friend being pushed around by a tiny 5 foot 2-inch woman who couldn’t be any more than 60 kilos.

Some men would have pushed her back and started getting violent, well the men I had known in my past anyway but my friend? No he took whatever she was serving him.

“You deserve to be punished Malcom. That’s why I’m here, to punish you for breaking up with me.” I hear her slap him. I risk a peak around the corner of the pole and he sees me. I catch a glimpse of something in his eyes but I can’t be sure what he was trying to say.

“When I’m done with you. You will know pain.” She goes to slap him again.

I come out from behind the pole and push her away from him.

“Hey that’s enough now.” I say in a low growl. I didn’t want to cause a scene even if she was the one who started it. “Run along.”

The woman stares menacingly. “This doesn’t involve you.”

I smile and cock my head to the side. “If you say so.”

She looks from Malcom to me then back to Malcom. “This isn’t over sweetheart, we’re not over.” She runs her finger down his cheek and he flinches away from her.

Smiling, she turns on her heels and walks to what I assume was her car.

Malcom sighs with relief.

“Lily! I owe you one.” He grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly.

He picks up his bag and walks towards the carpark.

I watch his figure retreat. Within seconds he turns and smiles.

“You coming?” he asks and I follow him to his car.

We ended up going to dinner at my favourite Asian place. His was of saying ‘thank you for saving my life’.

I did what any friend would do. I began to try and make him feel better and make him smile. I’m not usually a funny person but it doesn’t stop me from trying. I think he was laughing more at me than with me but that’s okay. As long as he’s smiling then that’s fine with me.

What I really wanted to tell him is that he should be loved. Loved by someone with their whole hearts, someone who will lie with him and understand what they have in their arms. He deserves to be missed, kissed, loved by somebody like me.


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