A prize to be won

short stories

There are some things that I don’t understand like why is the sky blue and what makes the earth spin but most of all I don’t understand why it’s the nice one’s who finish last.

I’ve recently found myself in a situation where I was crushing on a guy who didn’t seem to show any interest in me but would show interest in people that were either mean or as 2 dimensional as a piece of paper. I ask myself again and again, why do the nice one’s finish last?

I know that at one moment or another I’ve been guilty of pushing aside a nice guy for someone who was a jerk or didn’t like me back so in a way this story paints me as a hypocrite and like I said, in one way or another we all are.

We always tend to be line for the ones that treat us like shit or someone who shows no interest. I guess it seems to me that we want the things we can’t have and my crush? Well he’s as forbidden fruit as one can be. Why you ask? Because the ones we don’t want to lose usually are.

You could be nice and sweet and make yourself look as beautiful as you can and in the end he’s not going to notice me, because why would he notice the girl with a wonky smile, a round figure and a weird laugh?

Because he sees beauty as the prize to be won.

I’ll tell you all a secret, beauty fades. It is how someone makes you feel, not their beauty.

It’s the way he laughs at the awkward moments and the smile when he’s about to say something cheeky. How his voice sounds when he says your name and the way he hugs you goodbye.

It’s falling in love with the little things that make your heart beat just that little bit faster. It’s falling in love with your best friend, the one you can dream a life with. That is the real prize to be won.


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