Keep it on the down low

short stories

A/N: This story contains adult themes.

I look at the empty space next to me as I lay in bed. The alarm clock on the night stand flashing the time at me. It’s 2am and I know that I should be asleep but sleeping doesn’t come easy these days. I’ll lay awake staring at the ceiling most nights, listening to the possum running up and down the roof racks. Given that possums are usually nocturnal, it’s any wonder the damn thing is running around keeping me awake. Sighing loudly, I roll over and close my eyes for the hundredth time tonight but my phone rings.

DREW is calling. . .

                 DREW is calling. . .

                      DREW is calling. . .

“Hello?” I answer, turning on the light on the night stand next to me.

He’s quiet on the other end. It’s like he’s trying to think of an excuse to be ringing me so early in the morning.

“I wasn’t sure if you were still awake.” He finally replies. He sounds drunk. I guess at this time of night on a Friday he’d have to be either drunk or just waking up. Who knows.

“I am.” I say faking a yawn. Maybe if I pretend to be tired, he will just hang up the phone instead of inviting himself over. Something that he would usually do when he calls me.

He’s quiet again. This time for five minutes. The possum starts running throughout the ceiling again, making sounds as if it was talking to another possum.

“What do you want?” I ask him breaking the silence.

I hear him sigh softly, I imagine that he’s running his hand through his brown hair.

“I’m coming over.” He says before ending the call.

Sighing I make my way out of bed to find some clothes. He’s been coming over almost every weekend. Sometimes he will just lay in the bed next to me and drunkenly pass out while other times he will stare at me and tell me how beautiful I am until I finally give in and we start making out.

I find a dress on the floor and slip it over my head. It falls to my knees, the silkiness of the fabric swishes along my skin. I walk into the bathroom, brushing my hair into a ponytail. The fringe falls out almost instantly, forming a mess of curls on my forehead. I groan and turn on my hair straightener.

By the time I had straightened my fringe and brushed my teeth, I hear a car pull up into the gravel driveway. I’m in the kitchen pouring myself a glass of water when he lets himself in with a key that I didn’t know he had.

“Since when have you had a key to my place?” I ask sipping on the glass of water.

Shrugging his shoulders, he walks over to me. Licking his lips hungrily. I see that we aren’t even going to ease into it this time. He grabs a hold of my face with both hands and kisses me. I taste the many different kinds of alcoholic drinks that he has consumed tonight. The one that stands out is whisky, he always drinks whisky when he’s depressed about something but he would never tell me. Our friendship isn’t about talking, we let our bodies do the talking instead.

He stops kissing me. He sways slightly as he takes my hand and leads me to my bedroom.

We get to the bedroom and he struggles to take off his shoes, kicking them off and into the corner of the room hitting a wall in the process.

“Fuck!” he says loudly.

I try not to laugh; he’s swaying all over the place.

“Would you like me to?” I ask, stepping towards him.

He nods and smiles awkwardly. Oh dear god.

I place my hands under his shirt, running my fingers along his warm soft skin. Looking at him, his lips part slightly. He closes his eyes at the feel of my skin against his. I grab the hem of his shirt and pull it up over his head and drop it to the floor.

My hands run up his forearms to his shoulders, I lean forward and kiss his chest down his chest softly. I sink down to my knees, my hands falling down his body as I do. I undo his belt and unzip his jeans and pull them down to his ankles, which he steps out of impatiently.

Bending down he wraps his arms around my waist and picks me up. Wrapping my legs around him, we start kissing each other. He moans into my mouth as he slaps my bare ass.

“No underwear?” he grins cheekily. “I like it.”

He chucks me onto the bed, knocking my legs apart with his and lowers himself onto me. He pushes my dress up with one hand and lifts me up with the other. I help by pulling it over my head.

“That’s better.” He announces as he looks over my body hungrily.

Without any warning, he thrusts himself inside me. I moan loudly, arching my back and pushing my hips into his. He begins thrusting faster, pushing himself in harder. He groans slightly as his hand cups my breast and squeezes softly. He starts kissing and nibbling at my neck, my body erupts in goosebumps. I giggle passionately. He knows that my neck is my kryptonite. I wrap my legs around him and thrust my hips into his, forcing him to thrust into me deeper.

Moaning loudly, almost screaming. My toes curl as I reach my climax, my muscles tighten and I feel myself explode around his erection inside me. My muscles tighten around him.

“Fucking hell!” he moans my name loudly as he collapses himself onto my chest.

Minutes later I can hear his breathing slow down and the sound of him snoring. I push him off me and onto the bed next to me and roll to my side, facing away from him.

Sighing softly, I close my eyes. I know that by the time I wake up in the morning, he will be gone. Like it never happened. What we do, it’s something that we keep on the down low.


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