You make me blush

short stories

“He’s here girl.” My best friend Amy nudges my arm with hers.

I turn in my chair to see the guy in question. He’s walking towards me, something he always does when he comes into the office every morning.

“Hey Carly.” He smiles down at me. I stand and give him a brief hug. It surprises him as much as it does me. Why did I do that?

“How was your weekend?” I ask him. He stands taller than my five-foot frame. I look up at him and he’s smiling as he explains what he got up to. I’m listening but not listening at the same time. He’s wearing a hat, white t-shirt with his sunglasses hanging on the neckline, black jeans and white Adidas shoes.

“… yeah so it was a pretty good weekend. What are you doing for lunch?” I hear him ask and I snap out of my daydream.

“It was good, I sat on the beach all weekend. I got a little sunburnt though.” I say sitting back down on my chair.

I hear him laugh and my heart beat quickens. His friend walks in and he excuses himself, waving as he walks away. I feel like my whole body has melted into my chair.

“What was that about?” Amy whispers.

I shrug my shoulders. I don’t know exactly what she’s talking about. I turn back to my computer and start reading the article I was reading before he walked in.

“I meant with you. You completely zoned out with he was talking to you.” Her hand collides with my arm, slapping me out of my mind.

Rubbing my arm, I stare at her. “What are you talking about?” I ask.

I look over to him to see he’s already looking at me smiling. I smile back and turn to Amy.

“You realise he asked you what you were doing for lunch and you blew him off by ignoring his question and began talking about getting burnt at the beach. I mean come on.” Amy looks at me blankly.

I stare at her, blinking quickly. “I thought he asked me what I did on the weekend.”

Amy shakes her head and returns to her work. I steal another glance in him direction before putting my earphones in my ears and pressing play on my phone.

I spend the next four hours working on my essay for one of my least favourite classes. Taking a sip of water, I close my eyes. The familiar throbbing in my head tells me that I’m getting a headache. Groaning I take my glasses off and rest my head on the desk.

“Are you okay?” I hear his voice and snap my head up.

“Yeah, sorry, yeah I’m okay.” I say rubbing my left eye with the back of my hand. “You heading home?” I ask and my heart beats fast again. Every time he comes in, I barely get to see him and I end up sad when he gets ready to leave.

“Yeah, what are you up to?” he asks smiling again. He’s always smiling, it makes me smile.

I point to the computer screen and explain that I’m working on a personal project and he nods his head and listens. It’s nice to have someone listen and pay attention to my work. He grabs the nearest chair and sits down next to me.

“What is it about?” he asks, creasing his brows while he reads the first paragraph of my work.

I laugh when he realises that the project is of a sexual nature.

“Oh yeah, it’s a fiction erotic fantasy.” I laugh and he shakes his head.

“Is he a billionaire fairy who is into BDSM?” he jokes.

I shake my head and laugh.

“No, he’s not really that rich but he does have more than one girlfriend though.” I say cheerfully.

He touches my shoulder, my body stiffens and he removes his hand.

“I should probably go.” He begins to walk away but I call out to him.

“Do you have to go straight away?” I ask him quietly.

“Not straight away, why?”

I touch his arm, “feel like having lunch with me?”

He nods and we walk towards the kitchen. He takes a seat at the nearest table while I go to the fridge and grab my lunch.

We sit and talk for a while, he tells me about his family and I tell him about mine. We bond over the music we like and have found that we have similar tastes.

“Can I say something?” I ask, changing the subject.

He nods and takes a sip of his drink.

“You make my blush; the way some people do when they have a crush. I’m trying so hard to be tough but the way I feel about you frightens me beyond belief.”

He moves his chair closer to me. What is he doing?

“So you like me?” Looking up at him, he’s smiling again. I love that smile.

He leans forward, his lips touch mine softly. “You make me blush too.”


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