Forbidden fruit

short stories

A/N: This story is the first of a collection of stories with these characters, stay tuned for the rest of the series – Sera

I’ve been working as Jason’s assistant for six months now and all I have noticed is that, one, despite how strict he is about playing by the book, he’s actually really good at his job and two, he literally has five girlfriends. Yes, you heard that right, five fucking girlfriends. He sees one a day every week leaving his weekends to be on his own. Every night, he is picked up by a different woman, there’s two blondes, a brunette, an auburn hair beauty, which secretly is my favourite, and a girl with pastel pink hair that I wish I could pull off. I don’t actually care about who he’s doing after-hours, I’m curious about how these girls are fine with spending only one night a week with him.

He asks me to stay back late to help him finish a presentation that he was going to present the next day at the staff meeting. He’s my boss so of course I said I would and cancelled the plans I had with my boyfriend.

He ordered Chinese and we sat on the floor of his office eating and throwing off ideas in each other’s direction.

“What if you introduce the presentation with the cover art and close it out with the short video clip?” I ask him, my head tilted to the side as I watch him eat his chicken teriyaki. He creases his eyebrows together, the way he does when he’s thinking. He grabs another fork full of his food and instead of putting in his mouth, he misses it completely and it falls onto his very white shirt.

“Shit.” He says loudly, throwing the fork into the box. I cover my mouth with my hand and force the laugh back down my throat. The sauce has dripped half way down his shirt. He looks at me shaking his head. “I have a spare one.” He nods his head towards his desk. I get up to retrieve it. Turning back towards him he began to unbutton his shirt. From top to bottom, slowly his hands unfasten them and his tanned torso became visible. My heart beat quickens and I feel the desire build. Holy shit. I shake my head to get the image off my mind.

He stands shirtless in front of me, his hands on his hips. I stumble forwards and he catches me.

“Hey careful there.” He whispers in my ear. His voice sends a shiver up my spine. He gently grabs my forearms and his shirt falls to the floor. His head lowers towards my neck, my breath quickens. I feel his breath against my skin. My body aches with desire, his hands glide up the outside of my arms down to the small of my back. His gentle touch gives me a sense of losing control. Tipping my head slightly to the side, he teases me by kissing my exposed neck as one hand moves to my hip. He pulls me in closer, my body touching his.

My eyes snap open when he hands make their way under my shirt. Shit what am I doing? I pull away and place both hands on his chest and look into his eyes. He tilts his head to the side, his eyes filled with a hidden desire. Before I know it, I’m unbuttoning my shirt. A smile of admiration appears on his face, he takes a step towards me as I take a step backwards, unsure if this is something that I want to do. My bra is exposed, my breasts peeking out from my open shirt. I stumble as my ass hits his desk. Dammit.

His lips curve into a smile, grabbing the hem to my shirt he pulls me close to him before sliding it down my arms. I tip my head back slightly, moaning softly, he leans in and kisses from my collarbone to the bottom of my neck. I move my hands to his belt buckle and start unfastening. He unclasps my bra and throws it to the ground. He takes a step back, he looks at me in awe, his eyes gazing over my body. I slip my hands into the waist band of my skirt, biting my lip I begin to slide it down my legs. Standing in just my panties and heels, but I may as well be naked.

I bite my lip and look up into his eyes, my hand finds his crotch. My heart flips as I feel how hard he is in my hand. Without looking away from him, I begin to sink down to my knees, licking my lips with anticipation. His mouth opens in surprise, his erection, full and thick fills my mouth. His moans ring through my ears, my panties wet from the thrill. My body aches in pleasure, one hand between my legs, rubbing my clit through my panties. I moan as he thrusts himself deeper, hitting the back of my throat. Most girls would be gagging and trying to pull away, but not me, this is what I do best. His body quivers as my tongue swirls the head, then trace down the base before suckling his balls gently. His groans echo throughout the room.

He pulls out quickly. I look up at him in confusion, “what’s wron- “before I could finish my sentence he scoops me up and places me down onto his desk. His mouth finds mine, kissing me with a feverish hunger. I feel his hand running down my body, with one swift movement, he pushes my panties to the side and thrusts himself deep into me. My body jerks upwards and I moan loudly.

With my legs wrapped about his waist, I feel him go deeper. My moans echo through the room; one hand squeezing my hip and another cupping my breast. His tongue traces a circle around my nipple. He pushes himself in harder, groaning breathlessly. He sits backwards, holding my legs in his hands he goes faster. I’m moaning louder, my hands scratching up my thighs. I feel my body tense as I reach the sweet ecstasy of an orgasm, my whole body spasms and I dig my nails into my thighs. I open my eyes to see him grinning, he can feel me cum but he doesn’t stop, he doesn’t stop. “Fuck!” He groans, he pulls out of me and warm hot liquid covers my stomach.

“We should do that again some time.” Winking at me he puts his clothes back on and grabs his ringing phone. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He leaves me lying naked, covered in cum on his desk. What the fuck just happened?



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